Timeline: First Ebola Case Diagnosed in U.S.

Exposed to Ebola
Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan tries to help friend who later dies of Ebola.
Leaves Liberia
Duncan boards Brussels-bound plane en route to Dallas to visit family.
Lands in U.S.
Duncan takes a connecting flight to Dulles International Airport near Washington then on to Dallas.
First signs of Ebola
Duncan begins to show symptoms.
Visits hospital
Duncan goes to emergency room at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital with a low-grade fever and abdominal pain. He is sent home with antibiotics despite mentioning Africa visit.
Returns to hospital
Duncan returns to hospital by ambulance and is put in isolation after doctors suspect Ebola.
Ebola diagnosed
Texas lab and CDC confirm Duncan is the first American diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S.
Condition turns serious
Duncan is listed in serious condition. Texas health officials say they are looking at 100 people who may have had contact with Duncan or his relatives.
A turn for the worse
Duncan listed in critical condition. Duncan given first dose of experimental drug. CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden says the next day that Duncan is "fighting for his life.
Experimental drug
Texas Health Presbyterian announces Duncan's treatment with brincidofovir, the experimental drug, in an emergency step authorized by the FDA.
First U.S. Ebola death
Duncan dies at 7:51 a.m.

Source: NBC News, AP