How are Bridges Rated?

The "Sufficiency Rating" is a number score from 1 to 100 which indicates a bridge’s sufficiency to remain in service. The score is a result of a formula which takes into account the bridge’s structure, its design and importance to the public.

This category rates the structural and safety elements, including its piers or columns. It also rates the load capacity of the bridge.
This category rates aspects such as the driving surface of the bridge, the average daily traffic, and the bridge's width and clearance underneath.
This category rates aspects of the bridge related to its usefulness. It takes into account the distance it might save drivers and the daily traffic it experiences.
A maximum of 13% can be taken off of the total only if the rating is already above 50. These rating penalties take into account the material the bridge is made out of and traffic safety features the bridge may or may not have.