Tuesday, June 14, 2022 - 6:59 PM -
"Sally" calls 911, reports a man banging on Connie's door and screaming
7:04 PM -
Second caller reports a man is yelling at passersby
7:16 PM -
"Sally's" mom calls 911, reports her daughter is home alone and afraid
7:25 PM -
Another person calls 911, says man is pulling on electrical box, carrying a bottle
7:32 PM -
"Sally" calls 911 for the second time, says man is still in the area yelling
7:46 PM
"Sally's" father calls 911, asking about police response delay
7:51 PM -
"Sally" calls 911 for the third time, asking about the delay, says the man is banging on Connie's door
8:00 PM -
"Sally" says the man breaks into Connie's condo and she hears a physical fight inside, calls 911 for the fourth time
8:02 PM -
Another neighbor, "Michelle," calls 911 to report that she saw a man climb up a wall, break a sliding glass door and go inside Connie's condo
8:03 PM -
Event type changed from disturbing the peace, to disturbing the peace with violence; Event priority changed from 2 to 1
8:05 PM -
"Sally" is still on the phone with 911, and tells them she thought the man had a weapon because he had something in his pocket that he was waving around
8:08 PM
Another person calls 911 to report he saw a man break a window and go inside the condo, believes he is still in the condo
8:09 PM -
Police begin staging at a nearby post office to coordinate response
8:40 PM -
"Michelle" calls 911 again, asking about the delay, says she believes the man is still inside
8:41 PM -
Police head to Connie's condo
8:47 PM
Police arrive at Connie's condo. They knock on the door, call her phone and look for her vehicle.
09:03 PM -
Police tell dispatch they will be clearing from the location, they were unable to make contact
9:19 PM -
Police tell dispatch they didn't hear any noise or see any movement inside. They say a neighbor they spoke with didn't hear any physical fights in the condo, had not seen Connie and didn't know if she was actually inside. Officers leave the scene.
9:41 PM -
"Michelle" calls 911 and asks to speak to officers who responded earlier, wants to know why they didn't force their way into the condo
10:32 PM -
One of the sergeants who responded calls "Michelle" back. She says he told her the reason they didn't go in is because the description of the man from the callers matched the description of the man who lives there so he broke into his own house essentially.
Wednesday, June 15, 2022 - 8:26 AM -
Police say the man went outside and told a neighbor to call police, that Connie was dead inside the condo
8:30 AM -
Police arrive and find Connie's body