Episode 3: Schectman identifies man carrying the box

Homicide detective’s interview with David Schectman, who identified a man at a gym as the man carrying the box where Barbara Jean was found.

Episode 4: Walter Ogrod’s Confession

Homicide detective’s interview with Walter Ogrod in which Ogrod tells police he killed Barbara Jean.

Episode 5: Barbara Jean Autoposy Report

The Postmortem report by the Medical Examiner’s Office detailing Barabra Jean’s fatal injuries.

Episode 5: Green's Testimony

Excerpt from Ingrid Green's court testimony. Ingrid lived in the same house as Walter Ogrod.

Episode 6: Jury Deadlocked

Judge Juanita Kidd Stout instructs the jury to keep deliberating after jurors in first trial say they are deadlocked.

Episode 6: First Trial Report

The list of charges the jury was to consider for Walter Ogrod and what the jury decided.

Episode 6: Juror 2 Disagrees with Verdict

Transcript of jury giving its verdict in first trial — and Juror #2 interrupting.

Episode 7: Second Trial Verdict

Transcript of jury’s verdict in second trial.

Episode 8: Declaration and Affidavit from Phyllis Hall

Affidavit from the jailhouse snitch John Hall detailing how he gave another jailhouse snitch information on Ogrod.

Episode 9: DNA Testing Letter

Letter from Ogrod’s lawyers saying the DNA testing, which had delayed the appeals process, is complete.

Episode 10: Ogrod's 2020 Joint Stipulation

The District Attorney’s Office summary of the Walter Ogrod case as filed in court as part of the office’s arguments to exonerate Ogrod.

Episode 11: Ogrod's Lawsuit

Walter Ogrod’s lawsuit against the city and members of the police department who were involved in his case.