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Los Angeles

Gun Theft From Legal Owners Is on the Rise, Fueling Violent Crime

In California, 71,478 guns have been reported lost or stolen since 2010.

San Diego

In San Diego, Nearly 200 Stolen Guns Recovered in Connection With Crimes

In an unprecedented review of hundreds of thousands of police records, there is a clearer picture of where the guns go.

Washington, DC

More Than 350 Firearms Lost or Stolen From DC-Area Police Since 2011.

In many cases, the firearms have not yet been recovered


Gun thefts on the rise, fueling violent crime in ATL and across America

The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives, tracks stolen guns used in crimes, but it cannot share the information with the public. We teamed up to search for guns stolen in metro Atlanta and America.

Kansas City

Gun suspect implicated in KC 3-year-old's unsolved murder

Stolen guns turning up at crime scenes nationwide