Trump’s Second Executive Order on Travel: What’s New

President Donald Trump issued an updated executive order on travel and immigration on March 6, after the original order’s ban on travel from seven majority-Muslim nations faced legal challenges and intense protests. Here is a look at how the new order is different from the first.

  Jan. 27 Mar. 6
Countries affected Iran, Iraq, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen Same countries, except Iraq
Length of ban 90 days for countries, 120 for refugees; Syrian refugees banned indefinitely 90 days for countries, 120 for refugees
Effective date Immediately upon signing Ten days after order was signed
Green card holders Stopped at airports after the order was signed Unaffected by the new order
Mention of religion Entry priority for refugees with "religious-based persecution" claims, so long as the religion is in the minority of the affected countries No mention of religion
Rollout Took effect immediately with little notice; signing broadcast live Slower rollout, with 10 days between signing and effective date; reporters briefed ahead of time; no public signing
Reporting of data None mentioned Homeland Security to submit public reports every 180 days on the number of foreign nationals convicted of terrorism-related crimes while in the U.S., among other data

Source: AP, White House
Credit: Jessica Glazer/NBC