Charles Ingalls - "Little House on the Prairie"

Charles Ingalls – As the patriarch on "Little House on the Prairie" from 1974-1983, Charle Ingalls lost a son to illness, a granddaughter to fire and saw his eldest daughter go blind. Not always fun times under the Ingall’s roof, but "Pa" kept never lost his way and always kept his family united.

Hal Wilkerson - "Malcolm in the Middle"

Hal Wilkerson: Long before he broke bad as everyone’s famous crystal meth kingpin, Bryan Cranston played father to Francis, Reese, Malcolm and Jamie in this vehicle that showcased the actor’s comedic chops.

Danny Tanner – "Full House"

With three daughters to contend with (four if you count both Olsen twins) an Uncle Jesse and an Uncle Joey, it was a Full House indeed. Now, thanks to the miracles of reboots, we get to keep tabs on the ongoing saga of the Tanner clan…minus the twins.

Michael Kyle - "My Wife and Kids"

The father of three children and the patriarch of "My Wife and Kids," Michael Kyle managed to offer life lessons intermixed with laughs on this ABC comedy from 2001 – 2005.

Howard Cunningham - "Happy Days"

Howard may have played second fiddle to "The Fonz," but Richie Cunningham and the gang always knew who to turn to for advice during Happy Day’s run. Although a little strange he never realized he had a third child who vanished mid-series. #Where’schuck?

James Evans - “Good Times”

The good times were hard to come by raising three children in a housing project in a poor neighborhood in inner-city Chicago. But James Evans provided a much needed role model for African-Americans yearning to see their stories reflected on television in the late 70’s.

Tony Micelli - "Who's The Boss?"

Viewers might have questioned "Who’s the Boss?" in the 80’s comedy, but they never questioned Tony Micelli’s devotion to his family.

Jason Seaver - "Growing Pains"

Portrayed by the recently deceased Alan Thicke, Jason Seaver raised a household of three children and for a time even took in a young ward played by Leo DiCaprio. Whatever happened to that kid?

Andy Taylor - "The Andy Griffith Show"

If there were ever an idealized version of small-town America it’s Mayberry. And if there were ever an idealized version of a father it’s Sheriff Andy Taylor, who provided the moral compass on "The Andy Griffith Show" from 1960-1968.

Jack Arnold – "The Wonder Years"

A man of few words and many hard stares, there was never any doubt under that gruff exterior Jack Arnold was a loving dad on "The Wonder Years."

Dan Conner - "Roseanne"

Miss seeing Dan Conner alongside partner Roseanne? Well, ABC just announced show is coming back and Dan Conner is coming with them. Guess we’ll all have selective amnesia that he was killed off in the series finale.

Carl Winslow - "Family Matters"

Not only did Carl have his hands full as a patriarch to his own three children in "Family Matters," he also had to contend with an Urkel.

Homer Simpson - "The Simpsons"

Sure, he’s animated. But we won’t hold that against the one man that stands between Bart Simpson and civilized society.

Jack Pearson - "This Is Us"

As father to Kate, Kevin and Randall, Jack Pearson is a loving and doting father... albiet with a drinking problem. Viewers know their in store for some heartache down the road with Jack, we’re just not sure when... or in what fashion that tragic news will come.

Phillip Banks - "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air"

He may have technically been "Uncle Phil," but there was never any doubt who played the pivotal father figure to the Fresh Prince’s antics in this Will Smith vehicle.

Mike Brady - "The Brady Bunch"

Sure, the "problems" Mike Brady had to deal with as head of "The Brady Bunch" may seem pretty vanilla to today’s audience, but if he didn’t deal with Peter’s voice changes and Marcia’s busted nose then who would?

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