By the Numbers: Pokémon Go Six Days After Launch
Niantic Inc. received $30 million in Series A financing to develop the game.
5 hours after it was released Pokémon Go became the No. 1 downloaded app.
13 hours after launch, the game had already climbed to the No. 1 spot in iPhone app sales. It's free but has in-app purchasing.
An estimated 169,054 iPhone users download Pokémon Go each day.
The app has grossed around $1.6 million per day in the United States.
The company will need to make $140-196 million a month from the game in order for it to have a meaningful impact on their profits.
Pokémon Go has generated over $14 million in revenue as of July 11, 2016.
Global streams of the Pokemon theme song "Gota Catch 'Em All" have increased by 362% on Spotify since the game's release.
Nintendo stock has gone up 24%, which has increased their market valuation by $9 billion.
On July 11, 2016, ALL of the tracks on Spotify's top 5 most-streamed list were Pokémon themed.
Credit: Cynthia Andrews / NBC
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