How much time can you make for a dog?

clock clock
Not much. I work long hours or travel often.
I have a lot of free time or control over my schedule.
Can someone help care for your pet?
Great! Make
sure you have a designated caretaker and a backup plan when you travel.
Can you board at a nearby kennel?

How tight is your budget?

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I can spend money on a new pet.
I'm pretty strapped.
Great. Pets cost about $700 a year. (According to the ASPCA)
Annual costs for food, medical, toys and more cost around $700.

How much space do you have at home?

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I have a house or large apartment.
My living space is a bit cramped.
Sounds good. Start picking out names!
Is there a park nearby?
a cat.
Your dog
will need

How old are the people in your home?

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I live with children younger than 7.
No young kids or
elderly family.
I have elderly
family members.
Avoid small dogs
and puppies

Good. Start to prep your home for a dog!

Avoid strong,
excitable dogs.