Hail in St. Paul, Texas
Hail crashed down in a backyard during severe storms that hit North Texas on April 11, 2016. (Credit: Connie)
Spring Storm
Hail in Plano, Texas, the size of golf balls. (Credit: Ayden Nguyen)
Sledding in April
The storms left hail and ice on the ground, which turned into fun for some residents. (Credit: Brooke)
Stormy Royse City
Before a hail storm at the University of North Texas. (Credit: Lauren Alexis Abraham)
Fits in the Palm of Your Hand
Baseball-sized hail. (Credit: Brenda Maxey-Agesen)
Sideways Hail
An intense storm threw hail sideways and whipped through the trees in North Texas. (Credit: Stephanie Mata)
Stormy Royse City
A wall cloud over Royse City, Texas. (Credit: Garrett)
Hail Surprise
Josh Haddad, the owner of the Chicken Express in Denton, Texas, holds up hail. (Credit: Jana Williams)
"Aw hail! My yard!"
Hail in Rockwall, Texas. (Credit: Tracy)